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Blocked Drains Hackney

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Repairing flooding, sewers, drains and gullies

When it comes to Blocked Drains in Hackney, Smithy’s Drains have all the skills and experience needed to help get everything running smoothly again. Whether it be a blocked sink, blocked toilet or blocked drain we have fixed it all before. A build up fatty oils, unknown objects, dirt, silt, corrosion and many other ways can cause blocked Drains.

If when trying to unblock the drain the problem isn’t solved we may recommend we carry out a CCTV inspection on your drains so we can clearly see what is causing the blacked drain. A Hackney based Smithy’s Drains engineer will push a camera through the drains so they can see exactly what is going on and suggest a necessary way to fix the problem with a long term idea to prevent the blockage from re appearing.

Blocked drains can be stressful. This is because they prevent smooth running of activities in your household and may make waste accumulate in the drains. When faced with such a situation, it is very important to hire the services of qualified people in order to ensure the work is not only done properly but also completed in time in order to ensure you go back to your daily routine. Blocked drains in Hackney are very common. This is why there are very experienced and qualified experts responsible for doing the repairs. There are several services you can expect to receive from them.

Surveying your drains

Our CCTV drain survey is a sophisticated tool that involves the use of a small camera device to identify the root cause of the drainage problem. Once the survey is complete, we will give the full report in a clear and easy to read format. The advantage of CCTV drain survey is the fact that it can be used for regular drain surveying, pipes and land drainage even when there is no blockage.

Other drain repair solutions

Installing new drainage systems is also another addition to our list of specialist drain services. Working with drains across Essex and London, some are still to be found at a grand age of 120 years old. They are far more susceptible to collapsing and where consideration of relining or replacing a section are the only options long term.

New housing developments

We work with Hackney and London Councils to install new drainage and piping for refurbishing flats and council accommodation.

Can we help fix your drains?

Hackney drain services also involve repairing different problems you might have with your drainage. Some of the repair services we offer are;

Cleaning of the drain
Pipe inspection
Lining of pipes
Removal of roots
Clearing of sewers
Manual rodding
Patch liners
Maintenance of drainage system

Drain Related Resources

Report a water problem to United Utilities

Reporting a drainage problem to Hackney Council

Flood warning alerts for Hackney (Essex)

Area Code for Hackney: E8

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