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Drain Blockage Harlow

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How does high-tech drain equipment save you money?

Here at Smithy’s Drains & Plumbing we’ve invested in state of the art equipment so you don’t have to.

Our equipment, teamed with professional plumbing and drain care technicians, means any task undertaken by us here at Smithy’s Drains & Plumbing is tackled with the up most precision accuracy and care.

Our customers are at the heart of what we do here at Smithy’s Drains & Plumbing which is why we’ve invested in only the best equipment to ensure your drainage and plumbing issues are tackled to the best of our abilities.

Claire of Harlow, West Essex, London says: “Drainage issues are a nightmare. I recently had a situation where my external drains were giving off bad smells. After a few weeks the issue worsened so I called Smithy’s Drains & Plumbing to come and take a look.

“They assessed the situation using all sorts of snazzy pieces of equipment. After a CCTV drain survey, Smithy’s found my home was running on drains over 50years old which had basically eroded causing the contents of the pipes to leak.

“By the following day, they managed to fix the worn pipe and even checked the other pipes to make sure they were running well.”

“A massive thanks to Smithy’s, your service was great and I’ll be straight on the phone to you if any other problems come up in future.”

Tackling job’s like these, here at Smithy’s we make full use of our High Pressure Water Jets to clear the contents of the drains and put camera’s down the pipes to see exactly what the problem is- this is called a CCTV drain survey. Using this equipment saved us time and effort as we we’re able to avoid using old techniques. This was great for our customer as it slashed her drain repair costs considerably.

Another happy customer, James of Enfield, London says: “My partner and I we’re in the middle of purchasing our new home in Enfield and after hearing many drain horror stories, decided to get Smithy’s Drains & Plumbing onto the case. We had Mark take out a ‘home buyers survey’ which found there was a few blockages building in the bathroom pipes and some erosion on the external piping.

“We had the report filed and submitted to the current home owners who took full responsibility and had all issues taken care of- result! Now we’re living in our new home and our drains are one less thing to think about.”

This job, like many, really benefited from our CCTV drain survey technology. We went through all the pipe openings in the property, jetted water with our high pressure water jet where possible and performed a CCTV survey throughout.

As specialists in the drains and plumbing trade, we’re proud to have received such warm responses from our customers and will continue to surpass customer expectations with every job we uptake. If you’re from the London boroughs and need urgent drain care, call Smithy’s Drains & Plumbing now on

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