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Blocked Drains Braintree

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Drains, Draining and Drainage are collectively are derivatives of what Smithys Drains are all about. As Civil Engineers of Braintree in Essex we collectively have an abundance of knowledge and expertise that enables us to accurately perform drain surveying, structure drain assessments and replacement of drains.

Hiring Drainage Contractors

“We work commercially in Braintree.”

The River Brain runs closely to land and housing in Braintree with many connecting brooks. During high rain season, rivers over flow their banks and cause damage. To repair the problem, Smithy’s jet wash the pipe and drain and were necessary, artificial drainage will replace broken drains as a course of action to protect the rivers from displacing too much water on land and neighbouring homes, which becomes a health and safety risk if left. We work with local authorities ( Braintree & Essex Council.) to resolve land drainage.

“We Work on Highway drainage.”

Smithy’s Drains can help to service the M25 to fix and replace any sewer drains that can be damaged or blocked.

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What damages drains?

Old drains that are more than 50 years old
Drains that have deteriorated due to high levels of acidity in the water
Erosion from water travelling through the pipelines.
Tree Root damage
Loose aggregate construction material
Broken seals on pipe joints
Installing Drains

“drains are an important part of enabling people to live”

We can install point drainage, which play an important role by intercepting water at gullies.

Repairing Drains

“who is responsible for drain repairs?”

You will know fairly quickly when your drain is in need of repair. 9 times of 10 a toilet stops flushing and drain grates overflow and you start to notice odours appearing. Since October 2011, as a home owner or business owner you are only responsible for the drains inside your property grounds including the ones you share with your neighbours.

How is a drain repair carried out?

When hiring Smithys drain repairs Braintree, we will carry out a CCTV survey which can travel deep into the drain pipeline up-to 100 metres to establish where the drain system is damaged or broken. In the advancements of CCTV inspection, the cameras are able to accurately data capture and relay mobile colour videos with numerical data of where the drain needs repairing.

Based on our drain repair survey, we can establish a quote for the work required in which will be based on the most long term solution to resolve the damage drain system.

Report a Blocked Drain

If you suspect your drain is blocked, you can contact the Essex / Braintree environmental health department and your water company and at your earliest convenience, check your buildings insurance policy.

Go to the Consumer Council for Water website to find your water company

Make sure your home’s covered. See Direct Line Buildings Insurance

Help and Advice

Reporting a flooding problem to United Utilities

Reporting a drainage problem to Braintree Council

Flood warning alerts for Braintree (Essex)

Area Code for Braintree: CM7 – CM77

Why hire Smithys Drains?

Check out our drain repair testimonials and case studies for the work carried out in Braintree.


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