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Blocked Drains Colchester?

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It isn’t easy to spot a drain blockage, but 9 times out of 10, the signs are odours, sustaining surface water (outdoor) or commonly toilet or sink water that won’t drain. It might not be the first time that the problem has occurred but unfortunately the problem wont resolve itself. More often than not it means there is an underlying problem

Hiring a professional drainage company

Smithys are a plumbing and drain company who help to resolve common property drainage issues. Because Smithys have over 30 years of plumber and drainage expertise, means we can readily facilitate indoor and outdoor drain works to a given deadline. Furthermore, using investigation methods including dye testing and drain mapping, we can carry out engineering for plumbing and drain works that an average plumber will not be able to do. Our drain equipment includes rods, power jetting and CCTV camera surveying. As drainage contractors for Colchester, we can efficiently investigate using CCTV surveying that saves both time and money.

Why drains are important

Every home is connected to a public sewer managed by councils and sometimes rural land owners. They are designed to carry away grey water and waste to treatment plants to allow the water to be recycled and returned again through a clean water system. Without thorough working drains, you may know how disruptive it can be to your home or business.

Smithys Drain repair services can efficiently accommodate Colchester (CO1 -CO6, CO7) including supermarkets, schools, universities (University of Essex) & Colchester Zoo.

What can cause damage to a drain?

Old drains that are more than 50 years old
Drains that have deteriorated due to high levels of acidity in the water
Erosion from water travelling through the pipelines.
Tree root damage
Loose aggregate construction material
Faulty pipe joints
Ill repairs to drain
Report problems with drains and sewerage

“Whether its land drainage or private drains and sewer work, Smithys Drains are licensed and accredited to carry out drain engineering work.”

What Smithys Drains can do

As a Colchester Drainage Company, we endeavour to resolve any Colchester drain complaints for land owners (including farms), councils, landlords, tenants and private homeowners.

Drain Repair Solutions

“Did you know that drain lining can repair a drain with minimal disruption?”

Our drain repair solutions are simple, cost effective and expertly carried out. The Smithy Drain Engineering Team carry out drain lining for public sewer work, old private drains in Colchester near the A1124 highway, A134 roads.

CCTV Drain Surveys Colchester

“More often than not, a drain that is blocked does not always need a CCTV camera inspection”

From our experience, we can clear a blocked drain manually using high powered jetting or electro-mechanical tools. However, on the occasion a blockage is more persistent, we investigate a drain using CCTV camera inspection.

Surveying a drain is a cost effective solution allow us to expertly advise you on the best cost of drain repair.

Drain Repairing

“Drains will always be susceptible to wear and tear, through regular maintenance, Smithy’s can help homes, businesses and public authorities save £100’s in the long term, Catching the defective drain or sewer early.”

Excavation of a drain is never the only course of action available to fix a drain and firmly believe that excavation isn’t always necessary as now technology provides broken or damage drains with an equal solution that is long term for carrying out drain repairs. Known as drain lining or drain relining, it can be performed much quicker and cost effective.

How is a drain repair carried out?

When hiring Smithy’s drain repairs, we will carry out a CCTV survey in the Colchester area which can travel deep into the drain (pipeline) up-to 100 metres to establish where the drain system is damaged or broken. CCTV Drain Engineers will carry out a data video inspection, designed to accurately capture measurements of the damage and locate the area for repair.

Based on our drain repair survey, we will quote for the work required to fix the drain, based on the most long term solution to resolve the defective drain.

Drain Clearing

“Drain cleaning is recommended as a yearly or annual service and carried out from gutters, gullies and drain pipes”

Clearing a drain is possibly one of the first remedial solutions a drain company should use first to remove surface water and allow the drain to try and resolve itself. We can clear drains in Colchester (CO1, CO6, CO7)

Find out more about gutter cleaning and how it effects your drains.

Drain repairing to Water Authority Standards

Smithy’s Drains provide all enquiries with extensive drain repair quotations before undertaking any sewer or drain repair for any company. All quotes can be sent to to insurance companies if necessary. All drain repair renovation methods are carried out by drain repair engineers to UK Water Authority Standards.


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