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Smithy’s Drains & Plumbing’s Top Tips for Keeping Your Drains in Great Condition in Enfield, London.

In London, everyone’s experienced drain blockage issues. Drain blockages aren’t uncommon in any environment. Whether that be in domestic, working or public areas, Smithy’s Drains & Plumbing are available for you 24/7 for round the clock call out’s, so you’ll never be left without our assistance. Call us today for any questions or queries on 0800 195 2456.

Here at Smithy’s Drains & Plumbing, we thought we’d devise a list which explores our top tips for keeping drains tip top in London. That way you can prepare your home and drainage system and avoid larger issues that can’t be solved by yourselves at home. Any drainage problem should be diagnosed and treated by an experienced drain engineer, if you attempt to fix a blocked drain yourself at home you could be adding to the problem which can result in a costly service later down the line.

London especially is generating more issues with pipes and drainage in both commercial and domestic properties. We’ve found that more and more people are pouring, dropping & flushing items are damaging the systems. These products don’t soften or break down when they are flushed down the drain pipes, and due to little consideration, this can sometimes cause costly consequences.

Here we have a memorable story that was shared by a Smithy’s Drains & Plumbing drain technician:

“I was called out to clear a blocked drain in Enfield, London not so long ago when I was confronted with what was possibly one of the worst drain blockages I’ve seen. A couple had got into the habit of flushing their children’s wet wipes down the toilet which caused massive problems for the pipes. We’re seeing more and more drain blockages in London as a result of flushing wet wipes. This couple in particular had let the drain blockage build up which had made the problem much more difficult to treat. Luckily, we’d just invested in some equipment that was state of the art. This treated the blockage quickly, which resulted in a pair of very happy customers”.

Drain blockages are one of the most common drainage issues treated by us here at Smithy’s Drains & Plumbing. They all seem to develop from issues which are easily avoidable.

Here at Smithy’s Drains & Plumbing, when we treat a blocked drain, especially in a domestic environment, it’s important that a homeowner never attempts to perform D.I.Y drain unblocking. This usually makes the situation much worse, and therefore much more costly to treat.

Do you want our expert advice?
We strongly believe that prevention of a blocked drain is much more cost-effective than cure to fix one.

At Smithy’s Drains & Plumbing, our customers’ satisfaction is of upmost importance. We continually aim to reach and exceed your expectations.

We’re an ethical company, and that’s why we always ensure our customer service is at a level which meets and exceeds customer satisfaction at every interaction. This is why we’ve taken the time to put together a list of common drain blockage causes that you face day to day here in London.

So let’s kick off with our expert advice for London drain care!

1. Make sure anything that is flushed, dropped or poured down a drain is able to break down.

This is an easy way of preventing blockages. Making sure you’re cautious about what you’re sending down your drain pipes could see you reaping the benefits long term. Always ensure that wet wipes, cotton buds and sanitary items are disposed of appropriately.

2. Regularly clean out your shower & bath plugs.

Regularly pulling all of the hair out of shower plugs could not only make your personal drains become clear, but all London drain health would improve massively. Regularly clearing the hair and soap debris from your shower, sink or bath avoids the pipes becoming blocked and any slow drainage issues arising in your home.

There is a cheap and easy way to combat this common problem, any hardware store should stock drain-gates. If you pick one up and fit them to your plug hole they’ll catch the majority of drain clogging materials ensuring your systems continue to run smoothly.

3. Do not pour grease and fat down your sinks.

Many people have been damaging and blocking their pipes without even realising. Disposing of grease and fat down the kitchen sinks is very detrimental. When this is continuously done for a prolonged period of time, the grease and fat will solidify in your drain pipes, this causes severe clogging issues and can sometimes even damage the pipe.

If there is a lot of fat and/or grease still present after cooking, carefully tip the liquid into a sealed container and dispose of it appropriately. Getting out of the habit of tipping grease and fat down the drain will certainly contribute to healthy drainage systems in your home.

Our drain technicians strongly advise you dispose of any grease or fat in your kitchen bin.

4. My drains are already starting to block, what do you advise I should do?

If you’re already experiencing slow drainage in your Enfield home, then ultimately we advise you have them checked as soon as possible. This is to ensure the problem doesn’t worsen and cost more to repair in the long run.

Our 24hour London plumbing service ensures any drain or plumbing issues you face, day or night, will be treated effectively and efficiently by our qualified drain repair technicians.

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