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Concept and Importance of CCTV Drain Surveying and Repairs

Drainage problems usually occur because people do not care for maintenance and cleanliness of drains. Due to this, dirt, mud or foreign objects can be the cause of creating a lot of problems for a home owner. Whether you suspect the public drain is affecting your private drain, speak to us about your concern and we will report our findings for you to disclose to the council.

With the advancement in technology of CCTV cameras and power jet washing, we can expertly assist your problem.

A CCTV drain survey can help you with regular checks of drains to make sure that there aren’t any problems. Reputed companies offer their services at economical prices so that anyone can afford them. An employee from the company operates a CCTV, which is a sophisticated camera passed through the drain through a wire.

Our engineers operates the CCTV camera through drains and pipes as long as 100 metres which will relay images from your internal drainage system to easily find out the root cause of the problem.

Determining the cause of the problem

People are usually unaware of the root cause of drainage problems. As a result, they randomly start looking for solutions and may even worsen the situation at times. In a CCTV drain surveying inspection, a CCTV camera is lowered into a drain. This helps in determining the actual cause of the problem. This camera sends images from the drain that can be seen on a monitor. An engineer can use these images to detect the root cause of the problem and work on problem areas to resolve the issue.

Other methods of inspection

Depending if the drains are private, public or land drains, will determine the complexity of the job. This can be costly and takes a lot of time and effort as drain mapping needs to be carried out.

Drain Mapping – Also known as sewage mapping and surveying, these tend to be required in assisting large busy workshops & offices that have interceptor chambers with no drainage plans.

Dye Testing – helps to find water ingress, dampness. This can be an internal or external investigation.

CCTV Camera Surveying – Our latest edition of camera surveying is the SOLO PRO Mini Cam which allows us to achieve greater detail in lateral inspections.

Long Term and Effective Solutions

Due to a CCTV drain inspection, engineers can suggest more effective and permanent solutions to the problem. Any kind of drainage problem can be easily treated. It is just necessary to find the cause of the problem. A CCTV camera allows an engineer to have a detailed view of the drainage system so that he can understand the main cause and carry out necessary drain repairs.

Some engineers may take advantage of homeowners and charge them too much for a minor problem. With a CCTV drain inspection, even homeowners have an idea about the cause of the problem and its severity. Engineers will show you every footage acquired from the CCTV camera so that you can witness the problem yourself. With CCTV surveying, blocked drains in Romford can be easily cleared.

Help and Advice

Reporting a flooding problem to United Utilities

Reporting a drainage problem to Havering Council

Flood warning alerts for Romford (Essex)

Area Code for Romford: RM1-RM9

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