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Interval training: an effective and fast way to burn fat

Every man and woman who decided to go in for fitness for weight loss wants to achieve results as quickly as possible, but in the very first days of training they face a cruel reality that offers many months of training and slowly decreasing numbers on weights. But there is a solution to this problem, and it has been used fetish wrestler for a long time both by professional athletes and by lovers of high-intensity loads at home – this is an interval (or circular) training.

What is interval (circular) workout?

Circuit training is a special approach to performing cardio and strength exercises, as a result of which the rate of all metabolic processes in the body increases dramatically and the intensity of fat burning increases significantly. Today, the interval training program is one of the most effective for losing weight among all areas of fitness, and at the same time it is equally suitable for both women and men of almost all age categories.

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What is the main feature of the circular (interval) training? In that for a relatively short workout lasting no more than 30 minutes, high-intensity exercises are interrupted for a short rest. The intensity of the exercises is very high, in particular, in just a minute you need to perform the maximum number of squats, run a distance at maximum speed, actively engage with a rope or dumbbells, etc. And after each such approach, a short rest is made, and everything starts all over again.

The degree of intensity of training is determined by the heart rate (ie, pulse) during exercise. For beginners and more experienced, the pulse should reach 60 – 80% of the maximum, professional athletes and extreme lovers can practice with a pulse up to 95% of the maximum. The maximum heart rate is calculated using a formula that differs for women and men, but leads to approximately the same result: for women, you just need to subtract age from 220, for men, only half of age should be subtracted from 205. Following this rule, we can conclude that a person of 30 years of age (both a man and a woman) should perform exercises so that his pulse is 115 – 150 beats per minute in order to obtain a positive effect.

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Also in interval training, different types of exercises alternate – first aerobic exercises are performed, after a short break they go over to doing strength exercises, then they start aerobic exercises again, and so several times in a circle. Therefore, this approach combines various areas of fitness – interval strength training, interval aerobic training, and others.

What is the effect of interval training at home?

This type of training is one of the best areas of fitness, suitable for burning. With the right approach, you will burn fat and lose weight several times Testosterone pills indications for men – NEXTGEN faster than during normal occupations – the effectiveness of interval training is up to nine times higher! To burn more than 500 calories per hour is not the limit even for beginners!

However, interval training is not only losing weight, but also the effective development of all muscles. Again, this is achieved by alternating different programs and sets of exercises that affect different types of muscles, evenly developing and strengthening them.

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Being engaged in interval training (including on online video lessons on, you will achieve the desired result at least twice as fast as practicing on simulators. And all this is available cypiobol 250 for beginners, for girls and for men of almost any age, and most importantly, you can conduct classes at home – just watch the videos presented here and just follow the instructions of the coach. And very soon you will see the result!

The effectiveness of this approach is evidenced by the fact that it was first tested by professional athletes more than seven decades ago, and since the 1960s, circuit training has become an indispensable element in the training of athletes representing various disciplines. And from the same time, this type of training began to gain popularity among ordinary people, and today it remains one of the most sought after.

Features of the implementation of interval training for weight loss at home

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As we have already said, interval training is conducted very intensively, almost at the limit of human capabilities – only in this case the expected effect will be achieved. However, performing the exercises presented in the online video on, you need to remember a number of points and some precautions:

Do what the coach says, do not increase or decrease the intensity of the workouts;

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It is not necessary to increase the rest time between approaches and exercises – this will negate the entire effect, and only lead to increased fatigue;

In no case, a sharp increase in the intensity of training at home is allowed – this is potentially dangerous, since with a large load and in the absence of a professional who can help, you can cause serious harm to your health;

Do not train at home more often than the coach says – to achieve the effect, it is enough to perform the exercises two or three times a week;

You should not deal with the presence of diseases of the cardiovascular system and some other health problems.

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Only by following these recommendations, you will see how many calories are burned in a single approach, and within two or three weeks you will fully experience the positive effect! And you can make sure by personal experience that the feedback on interval training is true.

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Interval training from Mikhail Reutov and Natalia Reutova on

On this page you will find an online video tutorial course, with which you will learn interval training, learn about the features, and learn how to do the exercises correctly at home. And if you follow all the recommendations of the trainer, then this fitness program for weight loss at home will have the most beneficial effect on your body.

Video lessons of circular training from – work on your body with maximum efficiency and impact.

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