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Drain solutions

When a problem arises for the first time, it can be easy to ignore in the hope that it will disappear by resolving itself or by using a bit of common sense. When you experience a drain problem, it isn’t so easy to resolve with common sense nor will it resolve itself.

The problem with drains is they occur under ground and without any equipment, it is very unlikely anyone without drain experience can investigate and begin to resolve the problem. Drains carry waste, sewer water and anything that enters drains and sometimes objects or matter clog and block drains which for Smithys Drains is a common occurrence seen almost every day at drain repair call outs.

Smithys Drain repair services Witham have a number of drain tools and equipment to resolve damaged drains.

What damages drains?

  • Old drains that are more than 50 years old
  • Drains that have deteriorated due to high levels of acidity in the water
  • Erosion from water travelling through the pipelines.
  • Tree root damage
  • Loose aggregate construction material
  • Broken seals on pipe joints
  • Drain repair solutions without excavation

Excavation is one of the most frequent solutions used in the drain industry for drain repairs in Witham, however, we believe that excavation isn’t always necessary as now technology provides broken or damage drains with an equal solution that is long term for drain repairs. Known as drain lining or drain relining, is performed much quicker as a drain repair solution.

How is a drain repair carried out?

When hiring Smithys drain repairs Witham, we will carry out a CCTV survey which can travel deep into the drain pipeline up-to 100 metres to establish where the drain system is damaged or broken. In the advancements of CCTV inspection, the cameras are able to accurately data capture and relay mobile colour videos with numerical data of where the drain needs repairing.

Based on our drain repair survey, we can establish a quote for the work required in which will be based on the most long term solution to resolve the damage drain system.

Drain repairing to Water Authority Standards

Smithys Drains provide all enquiries with extensive drain repair quotations before undertaking any sewer or drain repair for any company. All quotes can be sent to to insurance companies if necessary. All drain repair renovation methods are carried out by drain repair engineers to UK Water Authority Standards.

Job Completed: Drain Mapping

Location: Faulkbourne Hall, Witham, England

Address: Faulkbourne Hall, Witham, Essex, CM8 1SPdrain-mapping-witham-essex

Site Reference: English Heritage Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in England Grade II Reference GD1286

Councils responsible: Essex; Braintree; Faulkbourne

About the building

Faulkbourne Hall is a medieval and therefore historic piece of architecture of the late 15th century. With 19th-century gardens and approximately 4 hectares (10 acres) surrounding of older gardens, it also stretches over a vast parkland consisting of a grand total of 55 hectares.

Contract requirements

Cess Pit cleaning, Drain inspection

Drain mapping of the existing drains required our engineers to carry out dye testing to locate the drain channels. The hall had cast iron Victorian drains which had never had a current assessment of the condition which was a necessary protocol to establish how long they will be expected to last. Due to the age of the drains, it was reported to the Site Authority that the joints of the drains had naturally started to show concerning signs of “joint displacement”. It has therefore been documented that the next stage to prolong the drain and workings, is to reline the damage sections to prevent the excavation of a beautiful Victorian drain. The cess pit by the moat was still in its original condition built out of miniature bricks and required use of our tanker services to extract the rotting waste. As a matter of carrying out our service works, Smithy’s engineers jet washed the surrounding walls of the pit so no residue was left behind.

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