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Drain Repairs Waltham Abbey

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A Local Service

We are a friendly local plumbing company with drainage expertise under our belt. We work across Essex and aim to be at your property with 2 hours.

Blocked Drains

Most people at some point have a go at attempting to unblock their drain. You might check the manhole, run your taps and see if you get a steady flow of water. But most fail to unblock after prodding the drain with a stick. Why is it so hard to unblock yourself? because you need the equipment to get deeper into the drain.

Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is a practice used by Smithy’s Drains to clear gutters, gullies, drain pipes and sewers that often need debris removing in public drains and high ways that see high volumes of traffic. For highways and public roads, planned maintenance should be in place to prevent blocking and the drains removing rain water.

Drain Unblocking

No matter what the blockage, we will guarantee to remove it. If you are a public authority, or local business in Waltham Abbey, why not invest in Planned Maintenance? Can you really afford to close your business in the event of a toilet, sing or even gutter drain that has blocked? No matter what how small the job, we will endeavour to explore your problem to give you piece of mind.

Drain Inspection

A drain inspection isn’t always necessary, so we won’t charge you if we don’t carry our an inspection of your drain. We will assess the severity of the flooding water and use our rods to see if the blockage is near the mouth of the manhole. We use the MiniCam Camera to investigate down drains and pipes as small as 10cm in diameter. The MiniCam can relay information from 360 degrees. We can profile the drain to assess if deviation has occurred from its original shape.

Drain Jetting

Smithy’s drain jetting is a service that allows us to target drain problems fast using industrial water power jetting. Jetting is effective for clearing drains, pipes and sewers. Our power jetting service also covers cleaning interceptor tanks and grease traps at restaurants, hotels, takeaways and cafes.

Drain Repairs

Our solution to repair a drain, isn’t based on quick fixes, but a solution that will save costs in the long term. By using our CCTV camera to survey and map the drain, we will be in a position to advise you on the best solution. However, their is more than one method to fixing a drain which we will discuss with you should their be more than one option.

Drain Relining

Where minimum disruption is necessary, no dig technology called drain relining is an effective solution that secures the integrity of the drain. Smithy’s have adopted trenchless relining repairs for the Premier Inn Hotel on Southend – On – Sea. See more about this drain project.

Drain Jet Vacuumation

The weather can throw up some surprises in the UK and not to mention South of England. Rain can cause some unexpected damage to roads, gardens and even burst river banks. What it creates is devastation, residing water that even enters homes and properties of all types. Jet Vacuumation can remove hundreds of cubic feet of water and help clear debris and silt that comes with it. Jet Vacuumation also extracts and removes contamination.

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