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Drainage systems come in all shapes and sizes and play a integral part to any business or domestic building. Drains affect daily living and can impact society and even the rural landscape, including farmland. When it comes to a blocked drain or a problem with a drainage system, many people choose to ignore the issue and simply hope that it will go away on it’s own. Smithy’s Drains & Plumbing are available for 24 hour call outs, so no matter what issue you’re experiencing in Southend On Sea, we’re available around the clock for call outs.

One of the main problems with drain systems is that they are located underground. Without any equipment, or the correct knowhow, it is very unlikely anyone without drain experience can investigate and begin to resolve the problem. It takes specialist equipment and experienced professionals to locate and resolve most drainage issues.

So if you’re currently experiencing issues in Southend On Sea, contact Smithy’s Drains and Plumbing for expert drain repair services. Our friendly team are ready for questions or queries so call us now

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Repairing Drains with Smithy’s

Have you noticed a bad smell coming from your bath, sink, or drain? This is one of the most popular indictors that there is a problem with your drain system. Although there are some household products that can help to dissolve minor blockages, most will need an experienced drainage engineer. When its a drain in your home or business that has a bad smell, you want to resolve the issue as quickly and easily as possible. Another popular issue with drains in Southend On Sea is surface water, this is also known as sewer water rise, and this happens because there is a blockage somewhere along the line.

Repairing Drains that have Smells and Bad Odours

Here at Smithy’s, we offer drain cleaning solutions to domestic and commercial properties. This means we’re able to cover even the smallest jobs, from a kitchen sink to clearing out your drains, and everything in-between. We also carry out planned maintenance contracts, as well as CCTV drain surveys to correctly identify and rectify all drainage issues, this provides us with detailed reports of the problem. We are then able to create a plan of action that can estimate the costs of the work we plan to carry out, so there are no surprises when your bill arrives.

What damages our drains?

• Overflowing Rivers, Estuary’s and Brooks can cause high levels of damage.
• Drains can deteriorate because of high levels of acidity in the water.
• Pipes can become eroded from the water travelling through them.
• Significantly older drains that are more than 50 years old are susceptible to damage
• Broken seals on pipe joints
• Tree roots can cause lots of damage
• Loose aggregate / construction material
• Bad weather puts drains under lots of pressure

CCTV Surveying

“Drain repair solutions start with CCTV”

When it comes to drain solutions, we know that excavation is a very costly and time consuming operation. Here at Smithy’s, we believe that drain excavation should be a last resort. This is because of the technology used in CCTV camera surveying can prevent unnecessary digs that deal with a problematic drain. Smithy’s will never use excavation as a first solution, and will always conduct a full CCTV drain survey to properly identify what the problem is. We will also provide you with the most suitable course of action, long term and short term. Excavation, however, can be suitable for laying brand new drains and then connecting these to the main sewer.

How does a CCTV survey get carried out?

If you have a drain that needs to be investigated in Southend On Sea, a full camera survey is the most accurate way of finding a solution to your drainage issue. The survey captures images of the drain size and length so we can unblock, reline the drain or replace the defective part.

The CCTV Drain Survey Report

Based on a Smithy’s drain survey, we won’t carry out any work on the drain straight away. This is because we prefer our customers to consider our quote for the work. The quote we provide will be based on the most long term solution to resolve the damaged drain system.

Smithy’s are Licensed & Accredited

Smithy’s Drains provide all of our enquiries with an extensive drain repair quotation before undertaking any sewer or drain repair for any commercial or domestic customer. All of our quotes can be sent to your insurance company if necessary. All of Smithy’s drain repair and renovation methods are carried out by drain repair engineers to UK Water Authority Standard.

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Are you experiencing issues in Southend On Sea? Contact Smithy’s Drains and Plumbing for expert drain repair services. Our friendly team are ready for questions, queries and call outs so call us now on 0800 195 2456

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